Meridian Frontier cover

Meridian: Frontier, reveal Trailer

After almost six months of silent development, Pawsmonaut Games, solo-indie studio of Alex Kane, ex-AAA Tech Designer at studios including Splash Damage, Build a Rocket Boy and R* North, is proud to announce Meridian: Frontier – a ‘lite-survival’ and base-building adventure game with a unique low-poly 3⁄4 view style and deep, systemic, physics-based gameplay.

Explore a futuristic sci-fi underground world to mine and prospect for the valuable resources you need to build up your mining colony, while navigating a rich story of dystopian ultra-capitalism as you attempt to escape the grasp of your mega-corporation former employers.

Game Features:

  • Mine for riches: mine for valuable resources in a tactile, physicalised world powered by Unreal Engine 5.
  • Construct a cosy colony: Construct your mining colony from the ground-up using the resources you mine from the planet.
  • Refine, craft and upgrade.
  • Make your fortune while unraveling the mystery.

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