Destroy The Monoliths

Destroy The Monoliths demo is out now on Steam

Radiant Sloth, solo French indie game developer, has announced that Destroy The Monoliths will be part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest, from October 9th to 16th. Demo is already available on Steam, you can check it right now.

You can also watch new trailer:

Destroy The Monoliths is a single-player real-time strategy tower offense roguelike where you explore a randomly generated map, mine the terrain to get resources, and build turrets to both protect your base and fight monoliths that keep spawning ever more minions. How many infested worlds will you manage to cleanse?

Game features:

EXPLORE: Discover procedurally generated maps with unique biomes (arid, volcanic, frost, …) and shapes (dense, archipelago, river, …). Enjoy a beautiful 3D pixel art style with dynamic lighting. Find useful structures like treasures or shrines.

MINE: Destroy blocks to collect tons of resources. Use different weapons to mine faster and more efficiently, or rely on automated buildings to get the job done for you.

BUILD: Place buildings to protect your base and attack enemy monoliths. Combine and synergize buildings from four different categories: offensive, status effects, support and biome specials.

FIGHT: Attack monoliths with your main offensive buildings. Protect your base from the enemy minions summoned with your other turrets. Use your weapons, shield and dash to fight alongside your turrets. Collect XP from damaged monoliths to get upgrades.

UPGRADES: Get new weapons and new building blueprints. Get relics that enhance your stats and offer unique effects. Upgrades are acquired for a whole world so they carry over to the following missions. Leverage your new powers to face the increased dangers as you cleanse more sectors of the world.

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