GeoDepths Releasing October 20th

GeoDepths developed by A Little More Games comes out October 20th on PC (Steam).

The game is centred around you piloting a drill machine through the ground, mining and smelting metal ore. It’s a resource management game with some mystery and adventure via cave exploration. With sprinkles of automation, research, power management, farming, and discovery.

Journey deep below the surface of a planet on the edge of the galaxy, as a surveyor of an interstellar mining company. Dig deeper and deeper to discover mysteries and unravel the fate of previous explorers within this planets depths.

Pilot Your Drill To Find Resources

Use an advanced drill machine to dig through the planet. Find and mine resources for you to take back to your homebase for research and refinement. Upgrade your drills speed, inventory, and depth maximum, using the resources you find.

Build Up Your Homebase

Within a cave near the surface lies your base of operations. Build more rooms and corridors to provide more space for machinery, terminals, and decoration. Keep your base powered using biomass from alien plants. Learn to farm these plants to provide a steady source of biomass.

Explore Caves and Find Mysteries

Find and explore a variety of caves, with many mysteries including plant life and strange minerals. Scan what you find to fuel your research, and harvest them for further development.

Find, Refine, and Combine Resources

Different ores and minerals can be found at different depths of the planet. Find them, then scan them back at your homebase to unlock research in base building and drill upgrades.

Game Features:

  • First Person Drill Piloting and Mining.
  • Resource Management.
  • Base Building.
  • Cave Exploration.
  • Drill Upgrading.
  • Researching.
  • Power Management.
  • Alien Plant Farming.
  • Environmental Story Telling.

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