ending tau

Ending Tau: new trailer and demo available

Ending Tau is a fast-paced roguelite with deep combat where curses morph your body changing the core mechanics of your journey. With a combination of action and exploration and a fresh setting, Tau brings a new tone to the roguelike genre’s experience. You can download and play demo through Steam store page.

Game Features:

Battle dozens of deadly folkloric creatures in a fast-paced combat system where any mistake is fatal.

Wander through a procedural mystical world inspired by ancient America’s unique landscapes. Face its many challenges and unravel new secrets every time you enter the jungle.

Grow Stronger
Turn the curses from the gods into blessings and become more and more powerful. The curse system was built to drastically alter your gameplay in each run, from how you fight to how you walk (or fly) around the world.

Legend has it that Tau fathered seven sons: the seven Godfiends. Defeat them in grandiose boss fights that will require skill and strategy from every player.

Rebuild your village, unlock dozens of unique relics and skills and find powerful allies to aid you in your journey.

Why are you the only being capable of resisting curses? What is Tau’s true intent? Who awaits for you in the depths of the jungle? Discover a refreshing story inspired by a real legend from ancient Native American Folklore.

End Tau
Tau is a god and darkness himself. It is up to you to defeat his kin, end his wrath and bring harmony back to your land.

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