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Die in the Dungeon: a free prequel is coming to Steam

Die in the Dungeon is an innovative deck-building, turn-based roguelite game where your deck consists of dice instead of cards. A free prequel to Die in the Dungeon will be available on Steam starting from December 1st.

Each dice represents a unique action, ranging from basic attacks and healing to enhancing other dice or duplicating their abilities. In this game, you have the opportunity to enhance your dice, combine them strategically, and acquire powerful relics to conquer the menacing monsters that inhabit the dungeon. By combining dice with distinct abilities, you can discover incredible synergies and create powerful and unconventional decks.

The Relics and Events System allows you to create one-of-a-kind and formidable dice sets. When faced with short events, you must make decisions wisely and be prepared for the enticing rewards they offer. Powerful artifacts known as “relics” can further enhance your dice combinations, but beware, as some of them may come with curses.

Explore Die in the Dungeon: Origins through the perspective of Lisver, a new character whose story unfolds in a supposedly safe and extensively explored dungeon. However, something feels amiss. Overcome new and unexpected threats, hold your ground, and make every dice roll count.

Engage in various battles against hordes of monsters, each with increasing difficulty and unique mechanics. Navigate through a series of trials, defeat the great evil lurking in the depths, and challenge yourself in the ultimate test of strategy: the Endless Mode. Collect dice, enhance them with special properties, and craft the ultimate deck. Utilize powerful modifiers to reduce energy costs or prolong the presence of dice on the board, among other possibilities.

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