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Manitas Kitchen is set to launch on Steam

Manitas Kitchen is an exhilarating cooking game that will be launching on December 15th on Steam. Also, mark your calendars for January 2024 when the console version of the game will be available.

In this game, you will take on the role of Trexito, a Tyrannosaurus with a unique and delicious dream: to create pizzas. However, Trexito’s short little hands pose a challenge in achieving this challenge. To overcome this obstacle, you will gather a team of extraordinary dinosaurs with exceptional culinary skills.

Together, you will form the most remarkable kitchen brigade the world has ever witnessed under the supervision of very rude and very tiny boss. From ingredients to sauce, all elements must come together harmoniously to craft the perfect pizzas.

Manitas Kitchen Key Features:

  • Learn the art of making pizzas and discover exciting new recipes as you gather a variety of ingredients!
  • Assist Trexito in maintaining optimal stress levels to ensure top-notch performance as a chef.
  • Each dinosaur in the squad (excluding ‘The Boss’) possesses a unique skill set that is reflected in their gameplay mechanics.

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