Timberman The Big Adventure cover

Timberman: The Big Adventure is out now

Timberman: The Big Adventure has made its debut on Steam, GOG, Xbox, and PlayStation! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab the game at a special 15% release discount, valid until November 30th.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Timberman! Experience the nostalgic charm of a 2D platformer with stunning 16-bit pixel art graphics. Embark on a journey alongside a courageous lumberjack as he endeavors to reunite his bear companion with its family.

Take on the Evil Corp and rescue your friends, all while striving to protect the forest from the clutches of industrialization. Harness the power of your trusty axe to soar through the skies, chop wood, construct bridges, and solve intriguing puzzles. Traverse three vibrant yet treacherous worlds, conquer numerous levels, and engage in epic battles against three formidable bosses. Choose to embark on this adventure alone in the single-player story mode or team up with a friend for an exhilarating 2-player co-op experience.

Timberman: The Big Adventure Key Features:

  • Engaging in both single-player and 2-player co-op modes.
  • Unleashing impressive combo attacks in a dynamic fighting system.
  • Experiencing unique mechanics in this platform game.
  • Shot projectiles using axe or boomerang.
  • Solving mini-puzzles by chopping wood and gathering resources to construct bridges.

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