Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator cover

Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator is set to launch on PC and console

Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator, developed by stillalive studios and published by Nacon, will be released on 22 February 2024 on Playstation, Xbox and Steam. Revive an abandoned plot and cultivate your own garden with effective techniques and artistic flair.

In Garden Life, success requires dedication, the right tools, and proper gardening. Design the garden of your dreams with grid-free placement and unique plants that adapt to their environment. Nurture your garden like a loving parent, understanding the care requirements of each seedling.

Unlock your creative potential by breeding beautiful plant variations. Interact with a vibrant community, fulfilling gardening requests for rewards. Find solace and relaxation in the serene ambiance of your garden, unwinding in the beauty you’ve created. You can wishlist the game now on Steam.

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