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Doomsday Paradise comes to Steam Now!

Lemonade Flashbang is pleased to announce the official launch of Doomsday Paradise, the highly anticipated roguelike dating sim, on the Steam platform.

Lemonade Flashbang is a one man studio based out of Portland, Oregon – focused on creating fun experiences that blend colorful characters with intuitive yet deep gameplay.

Embark on an adventure with a pal, or two, or three in Sunset Town, where love is always in the air, alongside the looming threat of a world-ending boss. Interact with a captivating cast of characters, navigate various scenarios and endings, and don’t forget about the intriguing possibility of befriending a serial killer bear.

This enticing paradise offers an array of experiences for you to explore. With a limited span of five in-game days, you must strategize your way through fights, flirtations, and finesse in order to confront the impending apocalypse. Will you choose to resist the end of the world, or opt to witness its destruction while enjoying the company of your beloved at the bar?

The developer, expressed immense satisfaction, stating:

“It’s taken years of work to get here and I couldn’t be happier, I have finally created a game as horny as I am.”

Shadi Taha, Lemonade Flashbang

Doomsday Paradise is available now on Steam.

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