Forgery Craft screenshot

Forgery Craft revealed with the first gameplay Trailer

Forgery Craft is a new simulation game developed by Empyrean and published by Frozen District. The game presents players with a captivating narrative, immersing them in the role of Amelia, an artist who ventures into the realm of forgery. This game pushes the boundaries of imagination and deceit, offering a fresh perspective on the simulation genre.

Key features:

  • Compelling Storyline: Embark on a journey alongside Amelia as she transitions from a traditional artist to a skilled forger, challenging the norms of art and authenticity.
  • Mastering the Art of Forgery: Begin by making simple alterations to documents and progress to creating art pieces that can deceive even the most discerning experts. Experience the exhilaration of outsmarting art connoisseurs.
  • The Power of Persuasion: A successful forgery relies not only on the artwork itself but also on the ability to sell the deception. Choose your words carefully to convince others of the authenticity of your creations.
  • Expanding Your Toolkit: As your forgery skills develop, so does your arsenal of tools. Discover new tools and learn how to utilize them to enhance the quality of your forgeries.
  • Creative Aging Techniques: Learn effective methods to age your creations. Utilize everyday objects to give your art pieces the appearance of being centuries old, adding an additional layer of challenge to your craft.

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