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New Gameplay Reveal For Earthless

Blackbird Interactive and Team17 Digital have today revealed the first look at gameplay for the upcoming, strategic sci-fi adventure Earthless, coming to Steam Early Access in early 2024. The new video explores the game’s core systems and dives into Earthless’ unique blend of grid-based exploration and tactical combat, intricate crew management and impactful trade-off choices, and expansive storytelling inspired by classic science fiction novels.

Players looking to get hands-on with Earthless before its early access launch early next year can climb aboard the captain’s chair and try out a demo during the upcoming Steam Next Fest, from 9-16th October.

Game Features:

  • Captain on Deck: Captain a starship in daring roguelike voyages through webs of treacherous and ever-changing star systems to lead the survival of the species. Engage with enemies in tactical grid-based combat and make difficult decisions that could directly impact the well-being of your crew.
  • Play the Hand You’re Dealt: Collect over 75 cards (with more to come in future updates), each with unique abilities and tactical combinations. Build the perfect hand to boost your capabilities and steel your ship against mysterious, interstellar threats.
  • Win Their Hearts: With each new voyage comes a brand-new crew! Win their allegiance to unlock powerful bonuses, or disregard their needs at your peril.
  • Bring A Friend: At early access launch, play with a friend in two-player co-op mode. Work together to discover unique cards and forge humanity’s new frontier together.

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