ExoColony Planet Survival cover

ExoColony: Planet Survival coming to Steam in 2024

ExoColony: Planet Survival is a space-colony simulation game where you have to survive on an unknown planet with your wrecked spaceship. Start a new civilization and terraform the planet. Expand your colony, mine resources, refine them and build a thriving place to survive. Simplemole will launch ExoColony: Planet Survival on the first quarter of 2024, and a free demo version will be released in a few weeks.

Starting underground with just a handful of pioneers, your mission is to tap into the planet’s vast resources, construct structures, harness groundbreaking technologies, and foster a booming civilization in the shape of the planet’s surface. And ultimately start to terraform the planet’s surface.

Game Features:

  • The Life Cycle of Colonists: Birth, education, family, work, retirement, and death. Ensure their education and adapt to evolving needs for a thriving colony.
  • Material Recycling: Embrace the essence of sustainability! Reuse, recycle, and re-imagine the use of every resource available.
  • Food Production: Every drop counts! Melt ice for water, utilize it to nurture crops, and then recycle it for repeated use. Master this cycle for an ever-flourishing colony.
  • Breathable Air: Tackle atmospheric challenges, convert CO2 to oxygen, and manage atmospheric pressure to guarantee your colonists can breathe.
  • Industry and Innovation: Start from scratch. Mine, refine, and innovate to drive your colony’s growth.
  • Power Play: Harness energy, manage storage, and ensure uninterrupted power supply for all essential operations.
  • Research and Development: Unlock new horizons, structures, and solutions through an exhaustive research tree.
  • Efficient Logistics: Deploy drones to ensure timely and energy-efficient logistics.
  • Life’s Luxuries: Cater to the tastes of your colonists, offering a range of food and luxury goods.
  • Expect the Unexpected: Brace yourself for unpredictable events and challenges.
  • Terraformation: Personalize the planet and make it feel just like home.


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