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Union of Gnomes: Demo Available on Steam

Union of Gnomes opens its first public demo on Steam right now. The game is a tricky card roguelike with striking room for tactics and combat maneuvers where you will lead the work-class gnome squad, destroy the slavers and oppressors, use some tricky tactics to prevail, and spread freedom to your comrades.

The demo will bring players:

  • A big room for tactics including a variety of abilities, card combos, and some positioning trickery.
  • One level to beat and beat again and one brave hero.
  • Bizarre enemies and three tough bosses.

The release version of Union of Gnomes will deliver even more heroes, cards, combos, and bizarre bosses, and, of course, you will finally meet the work-class archenemy Snow White.

Union of Gnomes is being developed by a tiny female-led team that is totally into the ideas they put into the game as they believe in equality and freedom of will.

The Revolution is nigh! Gnomes are about to break the chains and destroy the oppressive regime. Yet they need a proper leader to excel. Will you be the one?

Behold the flip side of a fairy tale, lead the gnome’s rebellion, stand out against Snow White’s tyranny, defeat her followers, and bring freedom to this land.

  • Pick one of the heroes with distinctive traits and various ways of enhancements that provide a colossal room for thoughtful tactics and combat improvisation.
  • Take down the oppressors in engaging tactical battles, mind the enemies’ positioning and get an edge, apply different conditions, and use the great diversity of abilities and passive traits.
  • Free gnomes from imprisonment on missions and add new volunteers to your deck, assemble the proper squad in camp, keep them well-fed, train them throughout the journey, and overthrow the slavers with the power of the gnome’s synergies.
  • Lead the gnomes on their march to freedom, explore the land, take quests, and make a point in this story of a fight against the work-class archenemy, Snow White!

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