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Evil Diary is Out Now on PC and console

Evil Diary, published by Ratalaika Games, is a 2D action shoot ’em up game that is now available on consoles (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch) and PC starting from November 24th.

In an alternate 1997, Evil Diary unfolds its story where the world was ravaged by an alien invasion three years prior, leaving New York City in ruins. The aftermath resulted in the transformation of both humans and animals into horrifying, bloodthirsty creatures.

As players embark on this thrilling adventure, they assume the role of Eve, battling against the grotesque hordes. Their ultimate goal is to survive long enough to discover sanctuary within the safe zone.

Evil Diary is an epic top-down action shooter, delving into the depths of darkness. It portrays the journey of a courageous woman who confronts countless mutated monsters in her quest for safety amidst the post-apocalyptic ruins of New York.

Key Features:

  • The game can be finished within 1-2 hours and follows a linear path.
  • There are 32 levels focused on combat.
  • Intense heavy metal music.
  • Visually appealing pixel art.
  • Engage with a compelling storyline.
  • Unlock two more character skins

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