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God For A Day Has Been Announced for PC

God For A Day is an immersive deduction adventure game that flawlessly combines the thought-provoking elements of Paper, Please with the existential choices found in Death and Taxes.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey where you assume the role of the Son Of God, wielding the power to make divine decisions that will shape the fate of Hopewood City.

As the protagonist, you will embody the Son of God and encounter a multitude of dilemmas, ranging from moral quandaries to intricate puzzles that will put your deduction skills to the test. Your mission is clear: pass judgment upon the residents of Hopewood City, either blessing or condemning them.

Dive deep into their stories, uncovering hidden items and secrets, before making life-altering choices. Remember, your decisions hold the power to alter the destiny of the city itself, and even impact your own revelation on Judgment Day. God For a Day has been announced for PC, via Steam.

God For A Day Key Features:

  • Significance of Choices: Each decision made has a profound impact on the city’s future, reverberating across social media platforms.
  • Branching Narrative: Embark on a journey filled with hidden, animated conclusions that await your divine selections.
  • Darkly Humorous Tone: Immerse yourself in a narrative that seamlessly blends darkness and comedy, creating a unique and captivating experience.
  • Overcoming Divine Challenges: Navigate through obstacles, including the temptation of Satan himself, as you find yourself in a bar.
  • Witty Dialogues: Encounter amusing conversations that will keep you entertained throughout your divine journey.
  • Cat: Surprisingly, Satan takes the form of a black cat, adding an intriguing twist to the narrative.

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