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Preserve Has Been Announced

Grindstone is delighted to unveil Preserve, a cozy new puzzle nature-building game set to launch on PC in the summer of 2024. Developed by Bitmap Galaxy, Preserve offers players a serene and immersive gameplay experience, allowing them to cultivate a flourishing ecosystem by strategically placing plants and animals to create a harmonious symbiosis according to their own preferences.

With the ability to craft diverse biome habitats ranging from alpine forests and arid deserts to breathtaking Caribbean reefs, each with its unique array of flora and fauna, players will encounter various challenges along their journey.

Preserve Key Features:

  • Expand the map vertically, allowing you to create a network of interconnected habitats by stacking layers of nature, not just horizontally.
  • Explore diverse biome habitats, ranging from forests and savannas to Caribbean reefs, each with its own distinct plants, animals, and environmental challenges to uncover and conquer.
  • Experience various game modes, including harmony and puzzle modes, as well as creative mode that enables unlimited land-building, and photo mode for capturing and sharing your creations after each session.
  • Enhance the beauty of your map with natural wonders such as the snowy Alps, lavender fields, or redwood forests, which can be obtained through a unique card upcycle system.

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