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Green Again Has Been unveiled with a trailer

Publisher Slug Disco Studios and solo developer Máté Mészáros are excited to unveil the announcement trailer for Green Again, a city builder where you assist a tribe of Sproutlings in reclaiming their planet.

Green Again is a cozy city builder set in a vibrant sci-fi universe inhabited by miniature plant beings known as Sproutlings. These Sproutlings inadvertently triggered an ecological disaster by creating a terraforming AI, resulting in their planet becoming desolate and overrun by malfunctioning robots. Your task is to aid this courageous tribe in overcoming the perils and restoring the planet to its former verdant glory!

Green Again Key Features:

  • Establish settlements by clearing the land, eliminating environmental threats, and protecting your farms from rogue bots.
  • Venture into procedurally generated maps shrouded in fog, eagerly awaiting your discovery.
  • Transform the wasteland into lush, green terrain, removing debris and remnants of industrialization to heal your wounded world.
  • Ensure the Sproutlings remain happy and well-nourished by gathering resources, strategically placing farms and other structures, and advancing your technological prowess through research and upgrades.

You can now wishlist Green Again on Steam, and play the free demo.

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