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A demo of Stellar Settlers is now available

Stellar Settlers, the captivating game of space base building and colony simulation, invites players to embark on an interstellar journey with a newly released demo. Developed by Tinymice Entertainment, this game guarantees a unique experience of vertical building gameplay, where survival hinges on strategic thinking, exploration, and resource management.

In Stellar Settlers, players assume the role of a leader responsible for constructing and overseeing a prosperous colony on alien planets. Each planet presents a distinct set of challenges, with procedurally generated environments, ores, and events that put the player’s adaptability and strategic prowess to the test. From treacherous terrains to unforeseen disasters, every decision made can determine the colony’s fate.

Stellar Settlers introduces groundbreaking mechanics for vertical space base construction, empowering players to devise innovative layouts for their colonies. By establishing horizontal and vertical connections to Base Pods, each with its own unique functionalities, durability, and costs, players can extract resources and expand their base, ensuring the safety and prosperity of their settlers.

Settlers serve as the backbone of every colony. As players progress, they unlock new settlers with diverse talents and perks, enabling them to tailor their team to their preferred playstyle and strategic requirements. Accumulating profits and amassing Universal Credit is of utmost importance, as it grants players the ability to construct their very own Starship, venture to more resource-rich planets, and continue expanding their presence in the vast universe.

The demo version (available on Steam) provides a glimpse into the game’s vast universe, featuring one meticulously crafted hostile planet that demands a distinct approach to overcome its challenges. The full game, set for release in March 2024, will further expand this experience to encompass five diverse planets, with an Early Access release.

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