Stellar settlers screenshot

Stellar Settlers a promising space base-building game

Stellar Settlers, developed by Tinymice Entertainment, is a unique base-building game that introduces a rarely seen mechanic in this genre. Unlike other games, Stellar Settlers allows players to stack buildings, expanding their creativity and the possibilities for their base or city both horizontally and vertically. Another game that utilizes this mechanic is Timberborn, where players construct a post-apocalyptic city of beavers.

Stellar settlers screenshot

In addition to stacking buildings, Stellar Settlers also requires players to connect them using tunnels, adding a layer of logic and planning to achieve the best design both visually and functionally.

Upon release, the game will offer 5 planets (10 in the full release) to colonize, each with different and hostile environments that pose a threat to your settlers. The game features stylized, polished, and low-poly graphics that create a captivating sci-fi atmosphere.

Currently, Stellar Settlers is still in development and is set to be released in Early Access during the first quarter of 2024. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer and add this promising game to your Steam wishlist.

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