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Jagged Alliance 3 will soon be available on console

The highly praised turn-based tactics/strategy game, Jagged Alliance 3, will be released on PlayStation and Xbox on November 16th.

Pre-ordering the game will grant a tempting 20% discount to those dedicated to liberating the nation of Grand Chien. Additionally, pre-ordering will provide early access, allowing players to start playing Jagged Alliance 3 48 hours before the official release. Jagged Alliance 3 will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

The multiplayer feature will be ‘cross-gen’, enabling PlayStation 4 players to team up with PlayStation 5 players, and Xbox One users to join forces with those on Xbox Series S/X.

You can watch the video to get an idea of the gameplay of Jagged Alliance 3 with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard.

Grand Chien, a nation with abundant natural resources and deep political divisions, descends into chaos when the elected president goes missing and a paramilitary group called “The Legion” takes control of the countryside. To restore order, the President’s family has gathered their resources, including a partnership with the influential Adonis corporation, to hire a team of skilled mercenaries tasked with locating the President.

In Jagged Alliance 3, players can choose from a diverse group of mercenaries, each with their own distinct personalities, quirks, and backgrounds. Explore Grand Chien, interact with new characters, earn money, expand your team, and ultimately shape the destiny of the country through your decisions.

Key features:

  • Engage in strategic, turn-based battles.
  • Shape the destiny of Grand Chien in an open RPG structure.
  • Recruit from a diverse group of mercenaries, including popular characters.
  • Select from a range of unique abilities to enhance your mercenaries as they progress.
  • Collect, repair, and personalize a variety of weapons and gear.
  • Manage land, train residents, lead multiple groups, and protect against adversaries in a dynamic world.
  • Embark on the campaign alongside friends in online co-op mode.

You can preorder on Xbox and PlayStation.

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