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Heroes Wanted Gets First Major Update

Heroes Wanted, the thrilling action RPG, is poised to revolutionize the gaming world with its highly anticipated first major update. Developed by Gameplete and published by NEOWIZ, this update represents a complete transformation inspired by valuable feedback from players.

To celebrate this update, Heroes Wanted will be available at a discounted price during the Steam Winter sale from December 21st to January 4th.

Heroes Wanted Update Features:

  • Embark on an Uncharted Journey: Prepare to be enthralled as Heroes Wanted unveils a brand-new realm – World 4, an exhilarating stage brimming with adventure and conquest.
  • Double the Thrills with Exciting Events: Engage in fresh quests and challenges with the introduction of two thrilling events, offering players unique opportunities to test their skills and reap abundant rewards.
  • Game System Improved: In response to player feedback, significant enhancements have been implemented to elevate the gameplay experience.
  • Farewell to ‘Food’: The ‘Food’ resource, previously utilized for health/mana recovery and card combinations, bids farewell, streamlining the overall player experience.
  • Streamlined Card Combining: Enjoy a more seamless card-combining process as the number of required cards for combinations has been reduced.
  • Strategic Discarding: Navigate your journey with greater strategy by utilizing the newly added ability to discard cards at the Camp.
  • Adaptive Difficulty: Tailor your gaming experience to your liking with the introduction of difficulty options – Easy, Normal, and Hard – providing a customizable challenge for every player.
  • Bug Fixes and Optimization: Heroes Wanted undergoes a thorough round of bug fixes and optimizations, ensuring a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The game undergoes improvements to enhance accessibility, aiming to make Heroes Wanted more inclusive and accessible to all players.

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