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Hell Throne is coming soon to Steam

Hell Throne is an action-packed roguelite game with bullet hell elements and intense combat that offers high replayability. The game will be launching on Steam Early Access on November 15th. We tried the demo and you can read our opinion here.

In Hell Throne, you will take on the role of a fearless character and battle against hordes of demons and other enemies in your quest for domination. The gameplay combines bullet hell mechanics with hack ‘n’ slash elements, creating a thrilling experience where you must dodge and attack with precision.

Each playthrough offers a unique experience, with various upgrade combinations to help you overcome the challenges in each level. Whether you choose to brave the depths of hell alone or team up with friends for local co-op, up to four players can join forces to conquer the menacing forces that await.

If you want to get a taste of the game before its release, a demo version is currently available on Steam.

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