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Two Steel Empire Titles Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

ININ and Mebius have joined forces to bring you not one, but two rare shooting experiences on Nintendo Switch. They are releasing The Legend of Steel Empire in both boxed and digital editions, as well as the original retro game Over Horizon X Steel Empire in digital format.

The Legend of Steel Empire

The Steel Empire, also known as Empire of Steel in Europe and Koutetsu Teikoku in Japan, is a shoot-’em-up game that was first released in 1992 for the Sega Mega Drive and later in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. It was developed by HOT-B and is known for its unique diesel-punk aesthetic, which combines elements of steampunk and late-19th-century industrial design, setting it apart from other shoot ’em-up games.

In this iconic game, massive battleships soar through the skies, and armored locomotives carry cannons the size of railway cars. The Motorhead Empire, with its invincible fortresses floating in the air, has conquered and enslaved almost the entire planet.

The Legend of Steel Empire is a HD remaster based on a PC game from a few years ago. It includes several important additions, such as improved high-definition graphics, reworked controls, and a leveling system. As you collect more items, you become stronger, but your opponents also become more resilient and the hordes of enemies grow larger.

Choose one of the Striker airplanes or the Zeppelin with an aerial mine launcher and navigate through seven challenging stages filled with well-balanced euro-shmup action.

The Legend of Steel Empire will be available in January 2024 for Nintendo Switch, both as a digital download and a boxed release. It will later be released for the PlayStation 4 as well.

Over Horizon X Steel Empire

HOT-B and Steel Empire’s co-director collaborated to create Over Horizon, a game that can be considered a spiritual successor to Steel Empire.

Previously exclusive to PAL territories and only available in Japan, we are excited to announce that these classic shoot ’em ups will be released as a digital download on modern consoles worldwide. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch in early 2024 and later on PlayStation 4.

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