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Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Gets A Demo on Steam

Developers of Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother are thrilled to announce that the demo is finally live on Steam. This top-down action game draws inspiration from Chinese mythology and follows the story of Chenxiang as he embarks on a journey to rescue his mother, Sanshengmu, after mastering martial arts skills from Sun Wukong.

With unique combat styles, a wide range of magical treasures and items, players can enhance their combat proficiency and craft extraordinary abilities to defeat legendary foes.

Sanshengmu, a goddess from the celestial court, was imprisoned beneath Mount Hua for breaking celestial laws by giving birth to a mortal boy named Chenxiang. Upon discovering the truth, Chenxiang made a vow to rescue his mother. With the help of Sun Wukong and various immortals, he faced numerous trials, conquered formidable enemies, and ultimately reunited with his mother.

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The game features multiple sect systems that correspond to different combat styles. By combining various magical treasures and cultivating numerous items, players can create their own magical combat abilities. Each challenge brings new surprises and rewards. Throughout the game, players will encounter well-known characters from Chinese mythologies, including Sun Wukong, the Eight Immortals, Erlang Shen, and Nezha.

Whether they become foes or friends, these characters will play a significant role in crafting an engaging and suspenseful tale. In addition to the real-time action combat, players can utilize the Lotus Lantern, an ancient artifact, to unleash divine abilities such as Time Manipulation and Bullet Time.

The Lotus Lantern also provides permanent enhancements to the player’s abilities, assisting them in overcoming formidable enemies. Random events will also occur during the game, giving players the choice to challenge themselves or seek stability.

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