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Lil’ Guardsman is set to launch

Hilltop Studios, an independent game studio based in Toronto, has announced that their upcoming adventure game, Lil’ Guardsman, will be launching on January 23rd for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

This narrative-driven deduction game is a humorous tribute to the classic point-and-click adventures of the 90s. To celebrate this announcement, Hilltop Studios has released a new trailer that introduces players to the main character, Lil, a 12-year-old substitute guardsman.

In the trailer, Lil explains the challenges she faces while covering for her father on the job. It offers a sneak peek into the vibrant characters, tough choices, and security-related mischief that players will encounter before the game’s release.

Lil’ Guardsman draws inspiration from the point-and-click genre and incorporates elements from Papers, Please. It is set in a fantastical world with a comedic tone reminiscent of Monkey Island and other LucasArts adventure classics from the 90s. Players assume the role of a young girl who must step in for her father as a castle gate guardsman.

What could possibly go wrong? As you interact with a variety of eccentric characters attempting to enter the city walls, you must use clever dialogue and investigative tools to uncover their true intentions. Utilize your cypher-cracking Decoder Ring, employ Truth Spray to reveal the truth, or even brandish your trusty Bullwhip to intimidate them!

As Lil, you will face difficult decisions, determining who is allowed into your castle home. The consequences can be significant, so you must employ your abilities wisely to uncover conspiracies and safeguard Lil’s castle and family from cunning intruders. Check Lil’ Guardsman Steam page and add it to your wishlist.

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