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Railroad Corporation 2 gets A Demo on Steam

We are delighted to inform you that Corbie Games, the developers of the highly acclaimed Railroad Corporation, and Iceberg Interactive, the publisher, are excited to announce the release of the first alpha demo for Railroad Corporation 2.

This exclusive preview will be available as part of Steam’s Capitalism and Economy Fest, and running until January 15th. It offers players a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of this beloved tycoon game. In this tycoon strategy game, you will embark on a journey into the dawn of electrification, leading the way in the new era of railroads.

As the turn of the 20th century approaches, establish your own railroad corporation by constructing extensive routes, upgrading your network with cutting-edge locomotives, and staying ahead of your competitors. To achieve success, you must focus on economic processes and make strategic decisions to increase your income.

Each locomotive in the game is based on real-life examples and possesses different statistics, so be vigilant in selecting the right locomotive for each situation. Expand your corporation, develop cities, build industrial facilities, manage production, and participate in online multiplayer competitions or collaborative co-op play.

Demo content for Railroad Corporation 2

In the first alpha demo of Railroad Corporation 2, your objective is to unlock all four locomotives by establishing your corporation and upgrading your depot. This will provide you with a firsthand experience of the core mechanics and the improvements that shape the sequel.

  • Railroad Building Revolution: Players have the ability to create intricate railroad networks, which include crossings, tunnels, and bridges, adding a new level of connectivity to cities. Embrace the future by utilizing electrified roads and the cutting-edge electro-locomotive.
  • Signal Mechanics: Lay tracks anywhere and enhance their efficiency with signaling mechanics. Utilize semaphores to ensure a smooth flow of locomotives across the expanding railroad network.
  • Expanded Territories: The sequel features a map that is twice as large as its predecessor, offering vast landscapes to conquer and develop.
  • Establish your Office: Select a city as your primary headquarters based on your business strategy and strategically determine optimal locations for train stations.

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