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Cleo – a pirate’s tale has sold 20K copies

Cleo – a pirate’s tale, a point and click adventure game developed solely by Christoph Schultz, has achieved a milestone of selling twenty thousand copies today. This captivating game can be found on Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch. The developer is currently working on the development of a second game, A Pretty Broken Adventure.

Cleo – a pirate’s tale is a pixel Art pirate adventure that exudes a strong sense of nostalgia, humor, and a captivating linear storyline. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Zelda games and the timeless LucasArts adventure games, this game promises to transport players to a world filled with swashbuckling excitement.

Our protagonist, Cleo, is a 14-year-old girl who leads a monotonous life alongside her father in a local tavern. Despite her mundane surroundings, Cleo possesses an extensive knowledge of the legendary pirate Captain Cabeca’s thrilling escapades. However, her reality consists of mundane fishermen and unsuccessful pirates who frequent the tavern.

Everything changes for Cleo when she stumbles upon a peculiar pirate logbook and encounters a ghostly figure who imparts a cryptic clue. Suddenly, her dull existence takes an unexpected turn as she embarks on a perilous adventure, thrust into a realm of deception, avarice, and foul odors – the treacherous world of pirates. In this treacherous world, countless individuals are in pursuit of a single coveted prize: THE TREASURE OF ETERNAL MEMORY…

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