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News Tower is set to launch in Early Access

Twin Sails Interactive and developer Sparrow Night have made an exciting announcement today. News Tower, the newspaper tycoon management sim, will be launching on Steam Early Access on February 13, 2024.

Immerse yourself in the bustling world of 1930s New York as you take on the role of a press mogul. Your mission? To seek the truth and maximize profits! Expand your business, hire talented individuals, and uncover the most captivating stories of the decade to feature on your front page.

As the publisher of a struggling newspaper, your ultimate goal is to transform it into a thriving media empire. You’ll need to recruit and oversee a diverse range of professionals, including reporters, photographers, janitors, ad salespeople, and lawyers.

Explore the globe to uncover thrilling news stories that align with your readers’ interests, but be wary of powerful factions such as the mayor and the mafia who may attempt to exert their influence. Construct and optimize your tower to ensure the well-being of your employees and meet printing deadlines, all while maintaining editorial excellence and attracting new customers. While waiting for its release you can add News Tower to your Steam Wishlist.

News Tower Key Features:

  • Investigate Scoops Around the Globe
  • Compose Your Newspaper
  • Build & Optimize Your Tower
  • Grow Your News Empire.

One response to “News Tower is set to launch in Early Access”

  1. R. Daneel Olivaw Avatar
    R. Daneel Olivaw

    I have seen the game on youtube, someone was playing it and it was a lot of fun to watch. Can’t wait for EA in february. GL DEVS

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