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Spectacle has Been Announced with first Trailer

Indie developer Half Past Yellow has recently unveiled its newest game, Spectacle, which serves as the successor to the critically acclaimed Time on Frog Island. In this game, players have the ability to alter their environment in an instant and utilize powerful glasses that grant them the ability to perceive and interact with the world in unique ways.

Assuming the role of a newly recruited Trip Tender who made a grave mistake while cleaning the Radio Spire, players must now rectify the situation by rescuing a trapped young Trip Tender through the solving of intricate puzzle worlds. Accompanied by the guidance of Elder Lizard Ambli, you embark on a journey to realign the portals of the Radio Spire.

Spectacle is a game that revolves around the concept of sight, where nothing is as it initially appears. Players will face challenging puzzles that require them to switch between different glasses, each granting them special powers, and manipulate their surroundings by blinking with the character’s eyes.

Through the implementation of spatial reasoning, parallel spaces, perspective changes, and match cuts, the game presents mind-bending puzzles within a delightful world inhabited by eyeball creatures and lizards.

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