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My Little Universe: New Content Update

My Little Universe, the popular worldbuilding game developed by Estoty and published by SayGames, has reached a milestone of over 30 million downloads on mobile devices. To celebrate this achievement, the game is now expanding its horizons with new content updates and DLC on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch.

Prepare for an exciting adventure with the upcoming addition of a new planet called “Demodium.” This planet will bring fresh mysteries to uncover, challenging dungeons to conquer, a new playable character to control, and a powerful sword to wield. And if that’s not enough, future DLC will introduce even more environments to explore. In early 2024, players will have the opportunity to scavenge for additional materials in new locations on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch.

In My Little Universe, you have the freedom to create vibrant continents from scratch in fantastical worlds. Use your trusty tools to mine resources like wood, stone, and precious gems. Efficiently manage your resources to unlock procedurally generated land tiles, upgrade your tools and armor, and construct transportation systems.

Prepare for thrilling battles against pesky pirates, mischievous mushroom men, and obnoxious ogres. Take on towering bosses with your swift swordplay and nimble dodges. Whether you prefer to embark on a colorful solo odyssey or join forces with up to four players in a cooperative adventure, My Little Universe offers endless possibilities in its expansive little universe.

You can now enjoy My Little Universe on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game is currently on a 20% discount as part of the Steam Autumn sale, starting today and ending on November 28.

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