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Outerstellar: A New Update Has Been Announced

Strange Horizons is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new content for the multiplayer survival craft game, Outerstellar. This update introduces a fresh Space Station zone and new base equipment, along with essential bug fixes and quality of life enhancements.

Additionally, there will be a special seasonal discount available during the holiday period. The Christmas update is scheduled to go live on December 21st, coinciding with the Steam Winter Sale. Outerstellar has only been in Early Access for a month and is currently priced at $18.99 on Steam. As part of the Winter Sale, there will be a massive 50% discount for a limited time.

Key Features of the Update:

  • Space Station: This secure area serves as the starting point for players. It allows for meeting up, teaming up, and chatting, without any risk of damage. From here, players can descend to the planet using a pod, teleport if they have set up a pad in their base, or access the uplink chest. Expect significant updates and improvements to this zone in the upcoming months.
  • Uplink Chest: Once players have established a base on the planet, they can send valuable items to the Space Station for safekeeping in case of raids. However, retrieving these items requires returning to the Space Station and bringing them down via a drop pod. Teleporting with the items is not possible, as it interferes with the GPS system.
  • Consumable Buffs: Utilize resources found on the planet to craft items that provide temporary boosts to radiation, heat, or acid damage.
  • Seasonal Items: Even if you are skeptical, keep an eye out for additional gifts scattered throughout the world to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.
  • The update also includes numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements that players have come to expect from previous updates.

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