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Ready, Steady, Ship! Gets A Demo On Steam

Untold Tales and independent developer Martynas Cibulis have joined forces to create Ready, Stead, Ship!, an exciting party game for couch co-op. In this game, players will utilize a variety of tools and equipment to reconstruct intricate and questionably designed factory conveyor belts.

To celebrate the upcoming Steam Remote Play Together Festival, a brand new demo has been released ahead of schedule. The festival will take place from February 12th to February 19th. While Ready, Steady, Ship! is ideally enjoyed in a cooperative setting with a friend, it also offers a complete single-player campaign.

The stages in this campaign have been adjusted or completely redesigned to be completed solo. The demo grants players access to 9 stages from the single-player campaign and 9 stages from the cooperative campaign.

As you progress through the game, you will be provided with a wide array of tools, equipment, and conveyor parts to overcome obstacles. Forklifts, cranes, springboard conveyor belts, packing foam dispensers, and many more items will be at your disposal. Prepare for increasingly bizarre challenges as you advance. From acid pools and space vacuums to rooftop gaps and chaotic factory floors, the obstacles will become more difficult and the conveyor belt constructions more complex.

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