Brews & Bastards: First Impressions

Brews & Bastards demo review cover

Brews & Bastards is a local co-op dungeon crawler developed by Mune Studio. This indie studio, based in Dunedin (New Zealand), was founded in 2021. Brews & Bastards is still under development and will be released in early access later this year. We had the opportunity to try the demo and see what the developers are brewing for us.

The game is a top-down action game where our heroes explore a dungeon under the Muneshine Tavern. The dungeon is full of typical beer games like beer pong. Proceeding the game, the difficulty increases gradually, becoming more challenging.

brew & bastards screenshot 1

Brews & Bastards can be played in single-player but it does its best with friends. Thanks to its local co-op mode, you can play with up to four players on the same screen. Indeed, we played in solo mode and local co-op, and it was better to be played in a group.

During our dungeon crawling, we have to defeat demons and avoid traps. We can face off enemies with our primary weapon, a “beer gun”, and some artefacts that we find on the stage. These alcoholic artefacts have a wide range of effects, such as explosive cocktails and champagne bottles used as cannons. We can also throw beer barrels like grenades and burp to push enemies back.

brew & bastards screenshot 2

At the moment, we have played the only available level in the game. When the game is released in Early Access, four characters and three different biomes will be available. The gameplay is satisfying and fun to play in co-op. We hope that the full version will be also fun and interesting.