Speed Crew: Cars, Bolts, And Mustaches

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Speed Crew is a party game from the Ukrainian publisher Wild Fields. The game has been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC Steam and Nintendo Switch. Speed Crew has been selected as the GDC Best in Play winner in 2023. We played it on Xbox Series S.

Speed Crew is an Overcooked-like game which is set in a race paddock. Our goal is to make fast pit stops. The game can be played with up to four players. However, it’s better to play with friends, like all titles in this genre.

The story of Speed Crew begins with a rickety crew in 1977. There is a feud between our crew and the crew of Dominion Torrento. Our aim is to perform faster pit stops and outrun Torrento’s crew. Obviously, Torrento will attempt to sabotage us every time.

speed crew screenshot 2

Speed Crew: run, fix and win

In Speed Crew, the first scenario is set in 1977. This set is simple and introduces us to game mechanics. Like Overcooked-like games, we have an “order” and we have to complete it in a fixed time, working on it using different tools and benches.

In Speed Crew, the order is a car that needs to be fixed in the pit boxes. Firstly, we have to scan the car for issues. Then, we have to work on the car by changing tyres, refuelling it, or repairing its bodywork. In the early game, to change a tyre, we just have to unscrew the bolts, trash the old tyre, and take a new one.

Speed crew screenshot 1

As the game progresses, it is not so simple to change a tyre. We have to repair the tyre on a workbench or inflate it using the air compressor. The same goes for other things that need repairing. We earn more points by repairing cars faster. So being fast is the key to beating Torrento’s crew.

As the difficulty increases, the chaos also increases, so teamwork and clear communication with your friends are mandatory. Another hurdle to overcome is dealing with Dominion Torrent and his attempts to sabotage us.

Cooperation is the key

Speed Crew brings many hours of cooperative fun without being stressful or frustrating. To complete the main campaign in two players, we spent 6.5 hours. Despite the increasing difficulty, the levels are well-designed and the challenge is balanced. The game pushes us to cooperate to make an efficient assembly line.

One of the most difficult levels in the game!

The controls are smooth, and the soundtrack is fairly good. The cars in the game recall real existing models of each decade. The cutscenes between each decade are good for telling the events between the two crews, and keeping a common thread in the narration.

However, the secret to loosening bolts with eyes is …

Our verdict

Speed Crew is an enjoyable game, perfect to be played with friends. We are delighted about the flawless design.

  • Requires strong cooperation
  • Good balancing
  • Smooth controls
  • A bit short