Rusty’s Retirement: Demo preview

Rusty's Retirement demo cover

We were fascinated by Rusty’s Retirement, a promising new game developed by MisterMorris Games, also known as Jordan Morris, who is known for his previous game, Haiku, the Robot. So, we were delighted for the opportunity to test the demo in the early stage.

rusty retirement screenshot 2

Rusty’s Retirement is an idle game that sits at the bottom of your screen. The main character is Rusty, a little robot that enjoys his retirement by farming.

While we are playing another video game, watching videos, or working, we can see this nice robot planting and harvesting crops.

In Rusty’s Retirement, we have to plant seeds and let them grow. Once the crops are ready, Rusty will harvest and convert them into biofuel. With biofuel, we can build new structures useful for enlarging our farm and producing more crops.

rusty retirement screenshot 1

To get a new type of vegetable, we have to harvest a fixed number of unique plants. For example, to unlock Watermelon, we have to collect 32 Beetroot and 38 Wheat. Each plant has different statistics such as the yield of biofuel, water requirements, time to be harvested, number of scraps needed to plant it, and the number of times the seed sprouts.

Additionally, we can build new robots to assist Rusty in his work. These robots can harvest, water, and carry crops to the biofuel converter. We can also construct houses that can accommodate companions, who can help us and with whom we can trade.

rusty retirement super cozy screen
Super cozy time. Rusty’s Retirement and Growth.

Rusty’s Retirement is a game that excels in its simplicity. It introduces a new concept of an idle game that allows us to work and play at the same time. Another great feature is the ability to move the game from one monitor to another and decide whether to keep it in the foreground or not.

Rusty’s Retirement lived up to our expectations, and we look forward to the release of the full version. Tomorrow, February 2, 2024, the public demo will be released on Steam. Check it out and add it to your wishlist!