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Rusty’s Retirement has been announced for Steam

Mister Morris Games, the developer behind the post-apocalyptic machine world Metroidvania game Haiku the Robot, is bringing a new laid-back experience to the farming sim genre with Rusty’s Retirement.

This idle-farming game lets you watch your farm grow without needing constant attention and is set to launch on Steam in Q1 2024. You can easily manage your farm while doing other tasks on your computer, and the game offers a ‘Focus Mode’ option to slow down crop production for a more relaxed experience.

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Rusty’s Retirement Key Features:

  • Plant and harvest crops with Rusty, who waters and nurtures them for you.
  • Unlock new crops as you progress, from crispy carrots to exploding tomatoes.
  • Produce clean and energy-efficient biofuel using your crops, and sell it to expand your farm.
  • Automate your farm with cute little robots to assist with planting, watering, and harvesting.
  • Customize and upgrade your helper bots to increase efficiency.

Rusty’s Retirement will be released on Steam (PC Windows, Mac TBC) on Q1 2024, and is available for wishlist on Steam.

One response to “Rusty’s Retirement has been announced for Steam”

  1. Brittany Avatar

    Please, I would love to play this.
    I will never be able to work again 😀

    With what little following I do have on twitch this would be an amazing addition to my stream <3
    I love cozy games, and played the hell out of Horticular Demo and tons of other cozy gardening games. Palia, love that as well. Fae Farm, Sun Haven, Stardew Valley. I can keep going lol

    But this, this will change stream!! I love this!! Already on my wishlist! Lets go!!

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