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Wizordum Launches on Steam Early Access

Emberheart Games and Apogee Entertainment have released Wizordum, a retro first-person spellcaster, on Steam Early Access today. The game features a spellbook filled with unique weapons, abilities, and other exciting features that have never been seen before.

As one of the few remaining mages in Wizordum, embark on a perilous journey to uncover the source of corruption that has been unleashed upon the realm by a great Wizard’s thirst for lost knowledge. This fast-paced, ‘90s-inspired FPS is full of danger and evil that must be vanquished.

Wizordum Key Features:

  • Embark on an immersive single-player campaign, tracing the origins of Chaos, as you journey from the bustling Town of Grimbrook to treacherous swamps, snow-capped mountains, and beyond.
  • Explore a wide range of enchanted weapons and magical items.
  • Uncover hidden locations with valuable treasures.
  • Solve intricate puzzles and evade dangerous traps.
  • Acquire special bonus items and conquer the most challenging difficulty levels to ascend the leaderboards.
  • Conquer unique challenges at every level of the game.
  • Engage in thrilling online competitions to achieve the fastest completion time.
  • Unleash your creativity by designing and sharing custom levels directly within the game.

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