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Tell Me Your Story has been announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam

RedDeer.Games has recently announced the development of an exciting new in-house game: Tell Me Your Story. This game combines a warm and familiar atmosphere with intuitive puzzles, creating an immersive experience for players. Currently, the game is available for wishlist on Steam and it will be available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Amelia, a young girl, arrives at her grandmother’s cottage for the summer with the expectation of enjoying a peaceful time knitting, gardening, and assisting her grandmother. However, she soon discovers that her grandmother’s house is filled with fascinating wonders, artifacts, and souvenirs from various parts of the world.

This revelation sets off a captivating journey into the past, as Amelia learns about her grandmother’s adventurous life as a globetrotter. This side of her grandmother was completely unknown to Amelia until now.

To progress through the game’s narrative, players will need to solve region-themed puzzles set against beautifully hand-drawn scenery. With over 70 different types of riddles, divided into three chapters based on Rose’s travels, players can expect to explore the rainforests of South America, the Chinese province of Yunnan, and even follow the original route of the Orient Express.

Tell Me Your Story boasts visually stunning and cozy graphics that perfectly complement the theme of uncovering one’s family history. These captivating tales are brought to life through Amelia’s vivid imagination, effectively conveying the game’s story without the need for words.

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