Coral Island cover

Coral Island is now available

Today, Humble Games and Stairway Games have officially launched their vibrant farming simulator, Coral Island, for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

In celebration of this exciting launch, the team has unveiled a new trailer that highlights some of the fan-favorite features that were released during Early Access and will be available at launch. These features include pet adoptions, new romance progressions like proposals and marriage, the addition of children, and much more.

Coral Island offers you the opportunity to leave behind the hustle and bustle of big-city life in Pokyo and embark on a new chapter of your life. You can be whoever you want to be and create the farm of your dreams, where you’ll cultivate crops, care for animals, and develop a deep connection with the natural world that surrounds you.

Additionally, you’ll play a crucial role in revitalizing the nearby town and its beautiful coral reefs. Along the way, you’ll form meaningful relationships with a diverse community of over 70 people. Whether it’s farming, decorating, crafting, exploring, or simply relaxing, the future of both yourself and Coral Island is entirely in your hands.

Coral Island places a strong emphasis on ocean conservation, urging players to consider their impact on our oceans both within and outside of the game. During the Early Access phase, players had the opportunity to contribute to the game’s impact by purchasing Charity DLC Packs, developed in partnership with Coral Guardian. These packs raised an impressive total of $87,500 for Coral Guardian, with 100% of the proceeds from each sale going towards supporting their efforts.

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