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A new expansion for Tiny Lands is on the way

The release date for the new Expansion Pack of Tiny Lands is set for November 17th! This latest expansion pack features three new worlds that have been meticulously handcrafted:

  • Traditional food,
  • Cozy interiors,
  • Fairy tales.

Immerse yourself in a relaxing low-poly isometric puzzle game. Explore the stunning 3D environments that are fully rotatable and zoomable, and find the differences between them.

Key Features:

  • Alter your perspective – Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional setting, enabling you to interact with the surroundings by adjusting the angle and zooming in or out of your view.
  • Infuse vitality into scenes with dynamic elements – Encounter a captivating ambiance that evolves with the presence of fire, rain, thunder, snow, and wind. These elements contribute significantly to the allure of the scenery.
  • Explore diverse environments – Engage in various settings, such as a serene beach scene where you can delight in the soothing sounds of waves.
  • Unwind and enjoy at your own pace – Embrace a leisurely approach as there are no time constraints to worry about. Indulge in your favorite lo-fi music and savor the game at a tempo that suits you.
  • Take it easy – Mistakes are a part of life, and that’s why there are no repercussions for them in this game. So, on a rainy day, grab a cup of coffee and simply relax.

Check this new DLC on Steam.

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