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Chaos on Wheels: Customization trailer Out

Chaos on Wheels, an adrenaline-fueled vehicular combat game, has released an exciting new trailer showcasing its extensive Chaos Garage. The trailer demonstrates Acodeon Games’ dedication to providing players with a multitude of customization options for their rides in Chaos on Wheels. With a wide array of vehicles to choose from, each equipped with different selection of guns, armour, and equipment, players can unleash havoc upon their adversaries.

While destruction is a primary focus in Chaos on Wheels, customization is equally vital. The Chaos Garage provides players with numerous ways to upgrade their vehicles, including choosing the right armour, selecting the ideal turret, and altering the wheels and body type. With so many options available, Chaos on Wheels offers players a multitude of options.

Customization isn’t just restricted to weapons and armour. Chaos on Wheels also lets you adjust how your vehicle looks – with options to personalize your ride however you see fit. In Chaos on Wheels you can change your car’s color, swap wraps, change lights, and many other ways to personalize your vehicles completely.


  • Destroy: Experience the thrill of high-speed action as you engage in intense battles, unleashing a barrage of bullets, rockets, and missiles in dynamic, partially destructible environments. Obliterate your opponents and reduce everything to mere dust.
  • Build: Take charge of your vehicle collection within your own personal garage, where you have the ability to enhance your arsenal with upgraded weapons, ammunition, and armour. Customize your rides with new gadgets, stylish wraps, paint jobs, and more, ensuring they reflect your unique taste and preferences.
  • Ride: Select a skilled driver and prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, where you will navigate through a variety of maps, showcasing your driving prowess through thrilling drifts, jumps, and awe-inspiring stunts.
  • Eliminate: Overcome formidable obstacles such as turrets and other menacing hazards that are determined to impede your progress. Annihilate these obstacles to unlock a plethora of new cars, weapons, armour, and gadgets, ultimately reducing the malevolent AI Helios to nothing but ashes.

Chaos on Wheels is now available on Steam in early access.

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