Cat and Ghostly Road: Review

Cat and Ghostly Road review cover

Cat and Ghostly Road is a point-and-click game developed by BOV Games. After being released on Steam, the game has now been ported to consoles by Sometimes You. The version we played is the Xbox Edition. The game will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on 6 March 2024.

In Cat and Ghostly Road, we play as Yang, a white cat who has been taken in and rescued by a painter. The solid relationship that has formed between the two is abruptly interrupted by a strange and tragic incident. A demon has stolen the soul of our two-legged friend.

Cat and Ghostly Road screenshot 3

Thus begins an adventurous and dangerous journey into a world of demons and ghosts. Our goal is to retrieve our friend’s soul, but we soon find ourselves on a journey even more dangerous than we could have imagined.

Cat and Ghostly Road is a rather short narrative point-and-click game that takes about three hours to complete. The most striking thing about it is its dreamlike settings, which are related to the world of ghosts and mythological creatures. The soundtrack, together with the setting, creates a very relaxing atmosphere.

Cat and Ghostly Road screenshot 2

The mechanics are basic point-and-click: you move from one environment to another, you collect and combine objects and you can talk to different people who help you or whom you have to help during the adventure. One drawback is that you cannot run, and it takes a considerable amount of time for our character to get from one part to another.

The puzzles are well thought out and there are also mini-games to solve. Most interesting is the presence of multiple reality levels. Our feline friend can use his power to see the parallel world of ghosts. The two worlds can show differences and we will have to switch from one to the other to interact with different elements or characters. Also, at a certain point in our adventure, our cat will be able to take on human form, which will be useful in solving certain puzzles.

Cat and Ghostly Road screenshot 1

All in all, this graphic adventure, although short, left us satisfied. Selecting objects with the controller is sometimes a little annoying, because the controller simulates the movement of the mouse and does not allow us to interact directly with only the selectable points.

Our verdict

Short, but successful. If you are attracted by the atmosphere of the game, you will not be disappointed.

  • Well-crafted atmosphere
  • Different cat abilities that add variety to the gameplay
  • Very short
  • Running is not possible
  • A bit tricky via controller