Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer, Detective Guy is back!

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Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is the new game in the Murder Is Game Over series, developed by HitherYon Games and published by Meridian4. The title was released on 6th February 2024 and is available for PC (Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store).

Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is a standalone investigative adventure that is linked to the other chapters in the series. In fact, the events of Murder is Game Over (you can read our review here) are referenced throughout the game. So, although the game is fun on its own, it might be even better if you play it after the first chapter. You can buy the bundle with all three chapters directly from Steam.

Detective Guy and his trusty partner Cleo have another case to solve. This time, the story takes place in a haunted mountain chalet in the Italian Alps. Our beloved duo have been called to the scene after Billy Kramer, CEO of Hacking Game, has received death threats.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be an investigation into the perpetrator of these threats soon turns into a murder case. Shortly after the detective’s arrival, someone manages to kill Billy Kramer. This is how our investigation begins. After making sure that no one could have entered or left the scene of the crime, it becomes clear that the murderer must be one of the eight people present.

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As in Murder Is Game Over, we will explore the area in search of clues, accompanied by our adventure companion Cleo. Another key step in the investigation will be to question all the suspects at the crime scene. Meanwhile, we can also search for hidden food bags for Cleo to earn an achievement. In the middle of our investigation, we will also find ourselves involved in the search for the treasure.

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After collecting all the evidence and questioning the suspects several times to reconstruct the whole affair, we arrive at the climax of the investigation. As in the best mystery novels, we gather all the suspects in a room and reveal the name of the murderer.

Like the previous title, the investigation is simplistic, but this time the plot and the way the writer has written the storyline made us feel much more involved. It is hard for us to decide whether the length of the title is a plus or a drawback. It took us about 4 hours to complete the title, which on the one hand may feel too short, but on the other hand it allows us to play the adventure in one run while remaining fully focused and involved in the plot.

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Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is a title developed by a solo developer offered at a competitive price. We appreciated the continuity of the story, which picks up on the events of Murder Is Game Over.

Our verdict

Competitively priced, with an average duration and a simplified deductive process, Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is a great title to relax for a few hours.

  • Cheap price
  • Well-realized
  • Intriguing story
  • Simple investigative development