Death Noodle Delivery: demo test

Death Noodle Delivery demo test cover

Today, for the Steam Next Fest, we tried out the demo of Death Noodle Delivery, a game developed by independent studios Stupidi Pixel and Tiny Pixel and published by Troglobytes Publishing.

Death Noodle Delivery recalls the gaming style of Atari’s classic Paperboy, in a cyberpunk atmosphere with narrative elements. It is set in a decadent future, where Jimmy Low, our protagonist, has just started to work at Death Noodle Delivery. A very difficult and deathly job.


To get back home in one piece, our hero must improve his equipment every day. And that means dealing with smugglers and thugs. But that is not all his problems. When he comes home and tries to relax where all people in the world go to relax except for constipated people, everything goes wrong!

One day a robocat dies, another a strange goo, and poor Jimmy must empty his bowels one more day.

I’ve really enjoyed playing Death Noodle Delivery, the atmosphere’s very vivid and immersive, as well as the story, which can be interpreted in many ways. The gameplay at first is a bit tricky and many times you die.


The control scheme is the most difficult thing to master. In fact, the isometric view makes you think you have to press up and down to go from one side of the road to the other, while you have to hit left or right.

However, Death Noodle delivery is a good demo, and we hope that the full game will be a very good one. You’ll have to wait until the first quarter of 2024 to play the full game, but you can download the demo from Steam and add it to your wishlist.