Diving into the Inferno: Our Take on the ‘Hell Throne’ Demo

Hell Throne Demo cover

We tried the demo of Hell Throne, a fast-paced action rougelike game with voxel graphics. The game catapults us into a monster-infested realm and our goal is to defeat them, either alone or in the company of a few friends. In fact, it is possible to play Hell Throne for up to four players in local co-op, even in the demo version.

hell throne screenshot

In this realm, each level is randomly generated, and we move from room to room defeating monsters and collecting experience points. We need to prepare ourselves to face the level boss, who is a tough opponent chosen randomly.

hell throne boss

The notes of Andromida’s metal songs play in the background of frenetic fights between rooms in the realm.

While the soundtrack and setting remind us of DOOM or Metal: Hellsinger, the gameplay and graphic style remind us of Minecraft Dungeon. In fact, the game has top-down visuals, voxel graphics and a combat system that broadly resembles the style of Mojang’s title.

Promo5 Gif1

Even if we fail to complete a level, we can still improve our characters at the base camp using equipment and skills acquired in previous games. However, we cannot customize the appearance of our character.

Since the levels are procedurally generated, playing the same level never gets boring. We are eagerly waiting for the release of the full game, in the meantime you can play the demo on Steam.