Hell throne

Hell Throne Demo is available on Steam

Developed by a solo indie developer and published by BoomBit, Hell Throne is is a fast-paced action roguelite game with bullet hell elements, encounter based combat and high replayability. A demo is already available on Steam for free and Early Access release is planned for Q4 2023, you can add to your Wishlist for upcoming news.

Descend into the depths of “Hell Throne”, an action-packed roguelite combat game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Get ready for fast-paced battles, a cartoony yet hellish atmosphere, and endless replayability in this thrilling action adventure.

Take control of a fearless character and face off against legions of demons and other mischievous enemies in a relentless quest for domination. With bullet hell and hack ‘n’ slash elements blended seamlessly, each encounter becomes a skillful dance of dodging and attacking, testing your combat prowess to the limit.

A demon-infested realm awaits you

Each new game makes for a brand-new experience, where varied and unique upgrade combinations will help you overcome many scenarios awaiting you throughout the levels.

Equip yourself with formidable loot as you progress, amplifying your abilities and forging a legendary character ready to take on any infernal foe that crosses your path. Engage in enticing combat, unleashing powerful combos to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Players seeking extra challenge can embark on runs with additional game-wide modifiers, which when put together can make for some rather nasty combinations.

Hell throne 1

Challenge the depths of hell alone or gather your friends for an unforgettable local co-op experience, accommodating up to four players. Unite your strengths and conquer the menacing forces that lurk in the shadows, or take on the trials solo, mastering your skills to claim victory over the abyss.

The infernal world of “Hell Throne” embraces a unique cartoony approach, balancing the darkness of the underworld with a charming and visually vibrant aesthetic. Traverse through diabolically enchanting landscapes and immerse yourself in a world where danger and delight intermingle.

Are you ready to face the infernal trials that await you in “Hell Throne”? Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through demon-infested realms, as you forge your legacy as the ultimate warrior in this action-packed, highly replayable roguelite adventure. The throne of hell awaits, will you claim it?

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