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Toy Shire gets a demo on Steam

Developer Bluespy Studios and publisher Catoptric Games announced that the Demo for Toy Shire is live on Steam.

Toy Shire is a tower defense game that will take you back to your childhood memories. You can control and move the green toy soldiers, adding an extra layer of fun to the tower defense experience.

You received new toys from your family. Isn’t that lovely? Oh, it’s for sure… Your old toys, though, aren’t getting along as well. They are no longer cared for and have been forgotten. So what follows next?

They’re going to join together against you and assault your brand-new toys, so be prepared. But never worry! You’re in luck since your brand-new toys are troops of green soldiers. They still require your aid though! Control, strengthen, and defeat the opposing forces! However, focus with care, the enemies you encounter might not be your old playthings!

Game Features:

  • Interactive tower defense: build and improve tower and troops.
  • Prepare for epic battles: defend your base against waves of attackers.
  • A toy realm: toy soldiers, dinosaur sets, robots, building blocks, and more.
  • Various maps: different enemy troops appear at different locations.

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