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VR Monster Awakens: Patreon campaign launched

Fans of city-smashing monster action and heroic combat will soon have the opportunity to live out their fantasies in virtual reality. ‘VR Monster Awakens’ is a virtual reality Monster/Kaiju simulator game with story and asymmetrical multiplayer mode developed by developer indie studio FIGHT4DREAM.

In the game’s single player campaign, VR players take control of enormous Kaiju monsters in a world destabilized by climate change and pollution. As one of these towering beasts, they can smash skyscrapers, swat tanks and soldiers, and battle rival Kaiju, all with motion controls that make them feel the impact and chaos around them. The more destruction they cause, the more powerful their Kaiju becomes. The offline story mode provides a structured experience and fleshes out the game world.

The game’s ‘Monster VS Hero’ cross-reality mode lets up to 5 mobile players join as heroes to battle a VR player’s monster. Mobile users can choose from 5 heroes with diverse abilities and attack styles, like the Power Rangers. This mode is inspired by Japanese Tokusatsu films, featuring explosive fights between towering creatures and mecha. The two parties will battle against each other in exciting fights blending virtual and physical realities.

FIGHT4DREAM will launch a Patreon campaign on 7th October 2023 to give early supporters access to the Meta Quest alpha build via App Lab, allowing them to provide feedback and help shape the development.

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’VR Monster Awakens’ lets players fulfil the fantasy of being a giant monster and using their immense size and strength to destroy cities and armies” FIGHT4DREAM Director William Ng said. “VR is the perfect medium for this kind of over-the-top experience. When you’re towering over buildings and crushing tanks in your hands, you really feel the scale of the destruction you’re causing.

Let your inner Kaiju roar. VR Monster Awakens will support Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and SteamVR.

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