Hero Survival: review

Hero Survival review cover

Hero Survival is an auto-shooter roguelite in which we will face waves of monsters inspired by Holliwood horror movies. The game is developed by independent studio PigeonDev and published by Sometimes You. So, are you ready to take on these spooky creatures and become a hero?

The title will be released on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2023. If you pre-order on Xbox or Switch until the release date, you’ll get a 20% discount.

We played it on Xbox Series S.

Hero Survival: Let’s Rip Them

The game begins when a gamer is transported to another dimension by the powerful God of Time and Space. The god believes that the gamer possesses great skills as a warrior and can overcome numerous challenges. It sounds like an exciting story. And so our adventure begins, where we will encounter countless enemies across four unique levels, each with a final boss.

Hero Survival is a top-down auto-shooter game that follows the popular style of Vampire Survivors. By defeating enemies, you earn experience points and can find new random weapons and upgrades.

hero survival screenshot 3

In the game, we can collect coins from defeated enemies. We can use these coins to purchase new characters and weapons for future games.

Our character can use up to four guns, which can be positioned in four different spots around them. The guns will automatically target and shoot at the closest enemy. Each gun has unique features such as firing speed, magazine capacity, reload speed, and power.

At the start of the game, we can choose one of three character classes: cryomancer, who can freeze enemies, bomberman, who can turn enemies into bombs, and gunslinger, who can pierce through multiple enemies.

Who was scared?

While the Hero Survival concept holds potential as a valuable addition to titles within its genre, it regrettably falls short in capturing our interest for a number of reasons. Foremost among these concerns is the limited variability in both maps and enemies. In fact, the enemy types remain unchanged across different maps, and the maps themselves are excessively small and strikingly similar to one another, with only the setting being altered.

The fact that the maps are very small means that during the game at some point we always end up going in circles with the group of enemies clustered in the center of the maps. In addition, objects in the scenery such as trees, tombstones and so on are intangible to our character and therefore have only a decorative function and are not real obstacles. These factors may potentially limit the replayability and enjoyment of the title.

It is possible to change characters, but the differences between them are very small and only relate to a few variations in statistics. We would have preferred if each character had distinct qualities or abilities.

One aspect that could be improved upon is the level boss, as it remains unchanged throughout the different levels and lacks distinctive characteristics that would provide a greater level of challenge, making it no more difficult to defeat than the minions. Additionally, considering the initial premise, it would have been anticipated to witness plot development within the four short levels; however, this expectation was not met.

Our verdict

We appreciate the effort put into the title, however, we have observed that in comparison to other titles in the genre, it may not offer the desired level of variability, replayability, or challenge.

  • You can play as Abraham Lincoln
  • Low level of challenge
  • Low replayability
  • Low variability