Decline’s Drops: demo test

Declines Drops demo cover

We have just tested out Decline’s Drops Demo on Steam. The game is still under development and the release date is not announced yet, but you can play the demo and add to wishlist.

Decline’s Drops combines elements of platforming and fighting. As the adorable protagonist, we have to defend our garden from threats. In order to do so, we will go through colourful sceneries with a well-kept and very cozy setting.

Decline's drops boss fight

The demo allows us to play two levels and a boss fight and gives us an idea of the protagonist’s abilities and the basic mechanics of the game, which combines challenging but not frustrating platforming sections and challenging and satisfying fights.

Along with the cozy atmosphere, Decline’s Drops appealed to us for its well-rendered animations and satisfying gameplay. Already in the demo we can search for secret areas and collectables scattered throughout the levels, and the developers challenge us to find all the collectables in the two playable levels in order to unlock a bonus level.

decline's drops screenshot

The full version of Decline’s Drops will include new playable characters and 6 worlds to explore in each of which we will have to face a hydra representing an allegory.

We impatiently await the arrival of the full version as all the conditions for a good platformer are there.